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Casino Comps vs Bonuses

When most people think of gambling in traditional bricks-and-mortar casinos, their minds are often drawn to all of the comps handed out freely to those who frequent the casinos. These free drinks, meals and other luxuries are the casino's way of rewarding their customers for their loyalty; online casinos use bonuses for the same purpose.

Traditional Casino Comps

When players frequent land-based casinos and spend their hard earned money to play roulette, blackjack and even slots, they are often rewarded with 'comps', or free luxuries that are provided by the casino. In traditional casinos, comps can range from free beverages to luxurious fine dining and from free hotel stays to all-inclusive paid vacations. Many players visit bricks-and-mortar casinos in an attempt to win huge jackpots, but even if they do not, they are often provided with comps and other rewards simply for being present.

Online vs. Traditional Casinos

It hardly makes sense for online casinos to provide free meals and hotel stays to their customers; after all, many of the visitors to online casinos are internationally based and would have no way to use them. Instead, online casinos frequently hand out cash rewards to their new and loyal customers in an effort to make them happy and keep them returning time and time again. These bonuses are the equivalent of traditional casino comps; they are simply a way for casinos to express their thanks to the customers who keep them in business.

Players who are familiar with traditional casinos need not be concerned with the loss of all of the extras and perks they receive simply for spending their money. Online casinos provide plenty of bonuses to both new and existing customers.