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ACTeCASH Payment Method

Online casinos must be funded in order to play their exciting games but many players are leery of giving out their private, sensitive information to complete strangers. Solutions like ACTeCASH are very popular these days as they give players an extra level of convenience and security.

Sign Up with ACTeCASH

Although ACTeCASH is not available in every country or even in every online casino within certain countries, its popularity has grown enough to allow it to be one of the world's most loved e-wallet solutions. Players who are interested in setting up an ACTeCASH account simply need to visit the ACTeCASH website and fill out a short form. There are several options available for funding the ACTeCASH account and once selected, the customer will be free to use the ACTeCASH service anywhere that it is accepted.

Payment Methods

Many people are curious as to which payment methods can be used to fund an ACTeCASH account; in fact, there are several. Credit cards, debit cards, Western Union, bank accounts in some countries and even prepaid debit cards are all wonderful and convenient ways to load an ACTeCASH account. Some merchants are even able to accept cash at their points of purchase and reload a customer's ACTeCASH account on the spot.

ACTeCASH Security

In an online casino setting, players who choose to fund their accounts using ACTeCASH are not required to provide any sensitive information to the casino. This is especially important for players who may frequent more than one casino; rather than provide their credit card or bank account information to multiple places, they can simply provide their ACTeCASH account details.

All deposits made into an ACTeCASH account are completely free but there are some significant fees associated with crediting withdrawals. Even so, thousands of people around the world enjoy the convenience that can only be provided with ACTeCASH.